Successful Completion of Buddha Jayanti 2075

The 2562th Buddha Jayanti Program conducted by Shree Urgen Choling Buddhist Monastery(Udiyana Meditation Center)was completed successfully.
In the program,Buddha Puja was done by Khenpo guru(Palden Wangchyuk) Rinpoche who came from Shechen gumba,ktm and also he inaugurated the holy library by cutting ribbon in holy time established by monastery.
After then,ex vice president of Monastery,Shree Tej Bahadur Tamu (protecting member) and doctors as well as volunteers inaugurated the Urgen Janakalyan Abhiyan and provided the pilgrimages free health checkup and services.
On the 2nd day of program,respected Guru Yogi Om provided all the skills to live&lead a good life with Reiki knowledge to all the pilgrimages.
Along with it,Mechi Mahakali Enterprises provided services by doing full body checkup& giving Ayurvedic medicine as per pilgrimage’s medical condition.
Last but not the least,for all those respected gurus,volunteers of Gumba helping committee,medical professionals for providing health services,prasad khir,milk,sugar,lunch& tea etc donator and all the pilgrimages who helped directly or indirectly to complete this moral work and all those who worked day&night with their full body,heart & wealth, I would like to show great respect and pray for your good morality deeds.

विश्व शान्ति तथा पितृ उद्धार प्रज्ञा महा पुजा-२०७४

विश्व शान्ति तथा पितृ उद्धार प्रज्ञा महा पुजा-२०७४ को सुअवसरमा,नेपालकै गौरवशाली ब्यक्ति तथा मनोक्रान्तिका अभियन्ता डा. योगी बिकाशानन्द साथै उहाँका सहयात्री गुरुमा कमलेश्वरी ज्यूलाई, श्री उर्गेन छ्योलिङ बौद्धिष्ट गुम्बा तथा उडियाना आध्यात्मिक ध्यान केन्द्र डिहीकोपाटन, लेकसाईड-पोखरा स्थित भव्य रुपमा बौद्ध संस्कार अनुरुप स्वागत ।

सम्पूर्ण योग तथा धर्म प्रेमीहरुलाई उहाँको अमृतमय प्रवचन साथै योग ज्ञान सम्बन्धी औधि ज्ञान प्रदान ।।

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