About Meditation

Meditation is the method for acquainting our mind with virtue. The more familiar our mind is with virtue, the calmer and more peaceful it becomes. When our mind is peaceful we are free from worries and mental discomfort then we feel happiness.
If we train our mind to become peaceful we will be happy all the time even in the most adverse conditions. But if our mind is not peaceful, even if we have the most pleasant external conditions we will not be happy. Therefore it is important to train our mind through meditation.

Advantage of Meditation

The physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual benefits of meditation might include:

  • higher levels of energy, creativity and spontaneity
  • lower blood pressure
  • Increased exercise tolerance
  • better concentration
  • decreased stress, depression and anxiety
  • fewer cravings for alcohol and cigarettes
  • increased job satisfaction
  • better relationships with others.

Some Glimpse of Meditation and Worshiping